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Ecosystem Breakdown


A fair-launched memecoin aimed at providing a safe environment for the beginning stages of a community formation.

0/0 Tax, LP locked 420 years, CA renounced

*Funds from NFT royalties will fuel the buy & burn of $SUH. Additional utility & use-cases for $SUH are in development


A collection of 3875 Suh Dude themed NFTs assist with amplifying the collective voice of our community.

*This NFT allows holders access to our innovative token-gated marketplace. Additionally, NFT holders passively yield our 2nd coin, which is the central currency used within our marketplace.


2nd coin (name TBA)

This coin fuels the marketplace and ties together the entire ecosystem. This is the primary source to complete purchases within our innovative marketplace.

4/6 Tax, LP locked 420 years, CA renounced

*All Whoopsies & Suh Dude NFT holders passively yield this coin. This coin is burned every single time it is used within our marketplace, thus decreasing supply consistently.

Coming Soon Neon Light


Find consistently cheaper deals than anywhere else. We aim to provide holders with ~20% discounts on NFTs & altcoin entries

*Must hold either a Whoopsies or Suh Dude NFT to access. The majority of sales are completed using our 2nd coin.


Fund Allocation

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